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We offer a full design option service for your next home, kitchen, or bathroom renovation in Joondalup.

We start with an initial consultation to scope the design that you have in mind, where we then draw these ideas up on our computer assisted design software to produce drawings for review.

Once agreed upon, we then take these drawings and use them to accurately determine the cost of your project for your peace of mind.

We then manage and execute your home, kitchen, or bathroom renovation to these designs, so you know that there is no confusion with a professional set of plans.


We have qualified and professional tradespeople who place the successful delivery of your renovation as their number one priority


We've love what we do. It's that simple!


It's always a challenge when you have to live amongst a construction site. We delicately work around your home and life, ensuring that we are clean, neat, and tidy as we go.

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Thank you so much for bringing my kitchen to life! It was a pleasure dealing with you, from design, to budgeting, to construction, and then completion!
Josh nevers

The Leading Home Renovation Designer in Perth, Joondalup, and the Greater Western Australia Area

  • As the leader in expert home renovation services, our team at Joondalup Renovations are the professionals to turn to when you need a home design makeover in the Perth, Joondalup, and greater Western Australia region.
  • We specialize in home renovations and a big part of that specialization includes our expertise in coming up with unique and innovative designs that can transform your home. The design process is a major component of the overall work that must be done in renovating a home.
  • It is an aspect that we take seriously and we are committed to working closely with you to ensure that the designs that are agreed upon are exactly what you have been looking for since you made the choice to renovate your property.
  • Your complete satisfaction is our number one priority and it is at the heart of our commitment to providing the best in customer service. When you are looking for full home, kitchen, or bathroom renovation design in Perth and Joondalup, our team at Joondalup Renovations is the name to count on. Let us show you what a major difference our experience and dedication can make.

The Reliability of Our Home Renovation Design Team

  • Our home renovation design team here at Joondalup Renovations has years of experience in the field of home renovations and extensive experience in designing the kind of home transformation that can give you a new level of enjoyment with your property.
  • Our team of licensed craftsmen is also dedicated to providing you with expert service that is delivered at an affordable price.
  • We will always take your budget and work within it as we team with you to come up with a redesign of your home that can give it a fresh and rejuvenated look and feel.

The Kitchen Design Experts That Can Transform Your Space

  • Our kitchen design experts take great pride in coming up with creative Joondalup renovation designs that will take your kitchen to the next level. If your kitchen has an outdated feel or is small and cramped, our team can come up with designs that will make it feel like a totally new space and one that is much more efficient to use.
  • Our skilled craftsmen have the design experience and professional know-how to work toward making your vision for a reimagined kitchen become a reality.
  • You will be amazed at how our work can make the space feel like a totally new room. It might mean coming up with a new way to organize your kitchen’s floor plan or perhaps updating the kitchen’s cabinetry to create a more modern look. It might be a matter of replacing your kitchen’s fixtures. We are ready to get to work on reimagining your kitchen.

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We Love Getting Creative With Bathroom Designs

  • As the leader in bathroom renovation design in Perth and Joondalup, our team would also love to work with you on creating renovation designs that can transform your bathroom space.
  • Bathroom renovations can be some of the most rewarding for you as a homeowner. This can be particularly true if you have a bathroom that is small and cramped.
  • Carefully planned design efforts can maximize the space that you have available in your bathroom so that it feels bigger and is more aesthetically pleasing as well. From retiling to updating your bathroom’s fixtures and cabinetry, there are a lot of different ways that we can help you reimagine this key space in your home.

The Benefit of Joondalup Renovation Designs Across the House

  • A home design makeover that encompasses your entire property might be what you have been dreaming of for some time now. If this is the case, our team members are the renovation design experts in the Perth, Joondalup, and greater Western Australia area.
  • We have extensive experience in taking on projects that involve designing renovation plans for an entire home and we would love to work together with you in coming up with a plan that will leave you with the results that you have always had in mind.
  • Our consistent track record in this area has been a big contributor to our reputation as the go-to professionals for home renovations in Perth and the surrounding regions.

Expert Home Design With Price Benefits

  • Undertaking home design with price considerations is something that we specialize in at Joondalup Renovations. We know that many of our customers want to undertake a renovation project but they also have a budget that they must stick to.
  • A major part of our commitment to serving you in all of your renovation design needs is to stay within the budget that you have set and to make sure that you get an affordable price for the money that you are spending for our services.
  • Though we guarantee that we will provide you with the best possible price we can give you, we also guarantee that the quality of our work will always be of the highest level. We will also utilize only the highest quality building materials in all of the renovation work that we do for you at your property.
  • Having a great design is important and it is equally important that the design is implemented by using building materials of the highest quality.

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  • We want to speak to you today about how we can be of service to you in your home renovation needs. Our reputation as a home renovation designer is extensive and is built on our commitment to customer service and to working with our customers throughout the design process.

    The goal is always to produce the design results that you are looking for as a customer. Contact our team today so that we can speak to you about your home renovation needs. We can be reached by phone or you can contact us through our website.

    We are ready to get to work showing you what a difference it makes when you hire the team at Joondalup Renovations for your comprehensive home renovation needs.

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