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Joondalup Renovations tailor make kitchens right across the Joondalup and Perth area. We work to any budget that you have in mind, and can assist with any sort of kitchen from family kitchens to luxury kitchens.

Our teams are professional, prompt, safe, and respectful in helping your dream come to life. We take pride in our innovation, and hold the highest of standards, not only for ourselves, but also for your kitchens quality and functionality.


We have qualified and professional tradespeople who place the successful delivery of your renovation as their number one priority


We've love what we do. It's that simple!


It's always a challenge when you have to live amongst a construction site. We delicately work around your home and life, ensuring that we are clean, neat, and tidy as we go.

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Thank you so much for bringing my kitchen to life! It was a pleasure dealing with you, from design, to budgeting, to construction, and then completion!
Josh nevers

The Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation Specialists in Perth, Joondalup and the Greater Western Australia Region

  • Here at Joondalup Renovations, we have a strong reputation as the go-to specialists for kitchen and bathroom renovations in Perth & Joondalup. Our team is committed to providing you with the highest quality renovation services and ensuring that your kitchen or bathroom gets the kind of makeover that can transform the space.
  • We are known for our commitment to providing our customers with affordable renovation options. We also offer our expert services for kitchen and bathroom renovations in Perth northern suburbs. The kitchen and the bathroom are two of the most functional and regularly used areas of the home. Renovating the kitchen and bathroom spaces can make a dramatic impact and can make these areas far more enjoyable to use on a daily basis.

  •  Our renovation experts have an impressive reputation for getting outstanding results with these key areas of the home. 

Our Licensed Renovation Experts Use Only the Highest Quality Materials

  • Here at Joondalup Renovations, we excel at providing affordable kitchen renovations in Perth & Joondalup and we use the highest quality materials available to ensure that you get an outstanding finished result.
  • When it comes to the topic of kitchen renovations Perth cost, our team is committed to providing our customers with the best professional service for their money. At the same time, we will never sacrifice on quality when it comes to topics such as building materials and workmanship.
  • It is all part of the commitment that our licensed renovations experts make to you when undertaking your project and it has helped to earn us the reputation as the team that provides the best kitchen renovations in Perth.

Transforming Your Kitchen Into the Space You Have Always Dreamt Of

  • Every home has its characteristics and nuances and this is also true for the home’s kitchen. Whether it is a period home or a studio apartment, renovating the kitchen can help to bring out its best aspects. Our licensed and experienced kitchen renovation experts can help you to refresh your kitchen space.
  • We are great at coming up with outstanding kitchen renovation ideas and can design a layout that will make it feel like you have a new kitchen. This can include sourcing the best looking and most functional cabinetry and customizing the space for the appliances that are contained therein.
  • When it comes to the topic of kitchen renovations in Perth & Joondalup, we are the area experts and we love to get creative on coming up with solutions. We have a large selection of design options that we can provide you when you choose our team to take on your kitchen renovations in Perth Western Australia.

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Our Team Will Work With You to Come Up With the Perfect Kitchen Design

  • We always want you to get the kitchen that you have always envisioned. With this in mind, our team of professional renovation experts is always happy to work with you on creating a design layout that will be everything that you have hoped for.
  • Ensuring that you are a key part of the kitchen design process is one of our top priorities here at Joondalup Renovations.
  • We understand that your kitchen says a lot about your own personality and we want to make sure that you are able to let that personality shine through when we work on the design for your beautifully renovated kitchen.

The Benefits of Small Kitchen Renovations in Perth

  • If you are a homeowner that has a small kitchen, there can be tremendous benefits to bringing in our experts here at Joondalup Renovations. Small kitchen renovations in Perth is one of our specialties.
  • Dealing with a cramped kitchen can be a major daily annoyance and you will be surprised just how much a difference can be made from letting our expert renovators go to work. We are known for offering the best kitchen renovations in Perth and pride ourselves on being able to come up with space maximizing kitchen renovation ideas.
  • Our ability to transform kitchen spaces has been instrumental in helping us to build our reputation as the experts for kitchen renovations in Perth & Joondalup. We are also the area leaders at providing affordable kitchen renovations in Perth & Joondalup and are happy to help you achieve your ideal kitchen even if you are on a budget.

We Can Transform Your Bathroom Space Too!

  • Much like a renovation can help to transform your kitchen space, you will also be amazed at how the functionality of your bathroom can be dramatically improved by having it renovated. We provide kitchen and bathroom renovations in Perth northern suburbs and the Joondalup area. Just as we are great at coming up with kitchen renovation ideas, we are also great at coming up with ideas for bathrooms.
  • Adding a modernized look to the bathroom in areas such as the shower and cabinetry can make a dramatic difference in the aesthetics of the space. We can also create a stylish look with features such as shower screens, and ceramics.
  • Even if your bathroom is small, it can be transformed into a far more efficient space that is much more pleasing to the eye when our professionals come in and work. Our team of licensed renovation experts is committed to giving you the bathroom space that you have always wanted.

Contact Us Today to Find Out More About the Best Kitchen Renovations in Perth, Joondalup, and the Entire Region of Western Australia

  • Today is the perfect time to contact our kitchen and bathroom renovation experts here at Joondalup Renovations. We provide the best services for kitchen renovations in Perth Western Australia. When you speak to a member of the team, we will be happy to talk about kitchen renovations in Perth cost.
  • Coming up with affordable renovation solutions is a top priority and we are happy to help you realize your renovation dreams while staying within your budget. 
  • We are the leading team for kitchen and bathroom renovations in Perth & Joondalup and we are excited to hear from you today about how we can help. Adding new satisfied customers to our list is something that we are always excited to do.

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