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We pride ourselves on being better every day in our mission to be one of the best bathroom renovation companies catering for the city of Joondalup and beyond. 

Our job is give you the best bang for buck in line with your budget, and strength is in using the space that you have to bring out the best in your work area.

Any job, no matter the size, has the finest of details focused on by our professional and qualified tradespeople, and we maintain the highest standards of ourselves when delivering you bathroom like it were our own.


We have qualified and professional tradespeople who place the successful delivery of your renovation as their number one priority


We've love what we do. It's that simple!


It's always a challenge when you have to live amongst a construction site. We delicately work around your home and life, ensuring that we are clean, neat, and tidy as we go.

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Thank you so much for bringing my kitchen to life! It was a pleasure dealing with you, from design, to budgeting, to construction, and then completion!
Josh nevers

Your Leading Experts in Bathroom Renovations in Perth & Joondalup

  • We are the team to contact for all your bathroom renovation needs here at Joondalup Renovations. You can also rely on us for all of your kitchen renovation needs as well.
  • When it comes to the subject of kitchen and bathroom renovations in Perth & Joondalup, our reputation for excellence has become widespread.
  • This is because of the dedication that we put into every job and the attention we pay to realizing the vision that you as the customer have for what you want your bathroom and kitchen spaces to become.
  • We also have extensive experience and a deep level of knowledge of how to find the right solution for all of your renovation needs across your home

Our Reliable and Experienced Team

  • It is important to turn to the expertise of experienced and reliable professionals when undertaking kitchen and bathroom renovations in Perth & Joondalup.
  • Our expert craftsmen have years of experience in performing kitchen, bathroom, and whole home renovations and we also have distinguished ourselves through our commitment to excellence in all the work that we do.
  • This includes offering affordable kitchen and bathroom renovation costs in Perth. Though we are committed to providing our customers with a good price point, and working with them and their budget, we also never compromise on the quality of our work or the quality of the materials that we use.

The Benefits That a Bathroom Renovation Can Provide You

  • There are many reasons that you can benefit from renovating your bathroom. Our experts are highly talented at coming up with WA bathroom renovation ideas in Perth, Joondalup, and the surrounding regions. We will also always work hard to get you the best bathroom renovations cost.
  • With this in mind, many different steps can be taken to transform your bathroom and we will work alongside you the whole time to ensure that your vision becomes a reality. It can be quite impressive the way that a bathroom can be transformed by adding new fixtures, cabinetry, and redesigning the layout in a way that makes it more efficient.
  • These steps can provide a desirable update to your bathroom’s look and it can provide a desirable upgrade in the enjoyment that you get out of the room. Our expertise in helping to make these factors a reality is a big contributor to our reputation as the top bathroom renovation company in Perth & Joondalup.

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We Are Also the Experts in Small Bathroom Renovations in Perth & Joondalup

  • Small bathroom renovations in Perth & Joondalup is one of our many areas of expertise here at Joondalup Renovations. If your bathroom in your home is small, having it renovated can make a major difference in how functional and enjoyable it is.
  • Our ability to come up with great WA bathroom renovation ideas in Perth extends to getting creative with small spaces. Sometimes it just takes a redesign in a small bathroom to increase its functionality.
  • As the provider of the best bathroom renovations in Perth & Joondalup, our team is committed to helping you redesign your small bathroom and make it feel new. It is important to remember that we are also committed to ensuring you get the best bathroom renovation costs in Perth.
  • We will work within the budget you set to reimagine your small bathroom space. Whether it is a large bathroom or a small one, we commit to providing you affordable bathroom renovations in Perth.

You Can Also Rely On Our Team for the Best in Kitchen Renovations

  • We are known as the experts in bathroom renovations in Perth & Joondalup but our skills extend across the entire home and the kitchen is another area that we commonly apply our craft.
  • As we have discussed, ensuring that you get the best bathroom renovations cost is a priority here at Joondalup Renovations, and the same holds true for our kitchen renovations services.
  • It is also true that we commit to using the highest quality materials when we work to renovate and redesign your kitchen by implementing new floor plans and changing out details such as the cabinetry.

We Are Ready to Show What a Difference Our Service Can Make

  • Our team is dedicated to upholding our reputation as the provider of the best bathroom renovations in Perth & Joondalup. We have built our reputation within our field through hard work and dedication to our craft.
  • The dedication to high-quality customer service that our licensed craftsmen routinely display is another major factor and they are always excited to show customers the kind of magic that they can work when given the chance to reimagine home spaces such as the bathroom and the kitchen.
  • It is also important to remember that we are committed to providing customers affordable bathroom renovations in Perth, Joondalup, and the Western Australia region and dedicated to providing these affordable services alongside the highest quality of workmanship.
  • We are convinced that you will quickly see the difference that comes from working with Joondalup Renovations when you hire our expert team.

You Should Reach Out to the Team Today

  • If you are planning to renovate your bathroom, kitchen, or any other areas of your home, you should contact our team today and find out more about what makes us the best bathroom renovation company in Perth & Joondalup.
  • We would love to speak to you about how we can be of service and would love to get to work coming up with exciting designs and plans to transform your bathroom, or any other room in your home, in a way that will make it more enjoyable, efficient, functional, and pleasing to the eye.
  • Our team excels at transforming home spaces and giving them an updated feel that is sure to get the attention of any guests that you have over. To get the process going, contact us today by calling our office. You can also reach out to the team through our website.
  • We cannot wait to show you the difference that comes from working with our experts here at Joondalup Renovations.

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